This Might Be the Nicest 1967 Ford F-700 in the World

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1967 Ford F-700 Front Far

Flawlessly restored Ford F-700 is a show quality work horse and it could be yours.

While flipping through the automotive auction listings on, we came across this incredible 1967 Ford F-700. These huge trucks were built to work, so it is rare to see one that wasn’t worked to death. For all we know, this antique Ford may have been driven to pieces, but thanks to a complete restoration, it is likely the best-looking 1967 F-700 in the world.

F-700 Stake Body

As you can see in the pictures here, this 1967 Ford F-700 stake body truck is flawless. The cab has been painted bright red with matching red trim on the stake body box. The grille, wheels and front bumper are painted white while the stake body box base and the entire chassis of the truck is painted black. The fuel tank has been refinished in chrome and the floor of the 14-foot stake body box is lined with new wood.

1967 Ford F-700 Side

This truck probably wasn’t this nice when it was built back in the 1960s and from the pictures, we would guess that this F-700 is just about perfect.

1967 Ford F-700 Rear

The interior is just as clean, with all of the metal through the doors, cab and dash painted bright red to match the exterior, while the black dash pad, the black bench seat and black floor liner completing a similar black-and-red layout to the outside. The chrome in the dash face looks to be original, so it isn’t quite flawless, but without specifically looking for problems, the gauges and the silver trim around them fit nicely into this beautiful truck.

1967 Ford F-700 Dash

The Power Plant

This 1967 Ford F-700 stake body truck is powered by a 361-cubic inch V8, with the power being sent to the rear wheels by means of a Process 435 4-speed manual transmission. Unsurprisingly, the engine is just as clean as the exterior and cabin, with the engine bay painted black, allowing the bright Ford blue valve covers providing a nice accent to the hard-working engine.

1967 Ford F-700 Engine

Bring It Home

The 1967 Ford F-700 stake body truck on display here will be sold via the DuMouchelles auction company in Detroit, Michigan on August 17th. The starting bid is $13,000 and the company expect that this beauty will sell for somewhere between $18,000 and $22,000. Considering the size of this truck, it seems likely that a full, high-quality restoration would cost more than the expected hammer price, so if it sells in that range, the new buyer is getting one a hell of a deal on a beauty old school work truck.

1967 Ford F-700 Front

With a little work, this truck could be an amazing race hauler. Just imagine loading up the bed with the things needed for a day at the track, with the bright red F-700 pulling a bright red, 9-second Ford Mustang. Aside from serving as a wicked cool race hauler, it would be hard to imagine actually putting this gorgeous antique Ford truck to work. However, for someone who wants to have a truly rare show truck that is sure to stack up awards, this truck could be the buy of a lifetime.

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