Ford Super Duty Decisions: F-350 Dually or F-450 Dually?

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2018 Ford F-Series Super Duty Limited

If you tow a lot, it’s a question you’ve undoubtedly pondered – how much Super Duty do I really need?

For those in the market for a heavy-duty pickup, it’s a question you’ve undoubtedly mulled. Will a regular Super Duty suit your towing needs, or do you need a dually? And once you’ve made that call, do you go F-350 or F-450? Before you go and plunk down your hard earned cash only to learn you’ve made the wrong choice, it helps to get some expert opinion on the matter. Which is exactly what Ford Truck Enthusiasts member NCMillwright did in this thread.

“I’m looking to purchase my first diesel. I was wanting to know if there are any issues with the 2018 F-350 duallys. I’m interested in the 6.7 SuperCrew Lariat or King Ranch. I have a 14′ 1/2 ton now that pulls my travel trailer. The trailer weighs 7,100 lbs dry and loaded, probably 8,000-8,500 lbs (eventually upgrading to fifth wheel camper).

I know the dually is more than sufficient for this, but I’m also hauling another 2,000 lbs of tooling and miscellaneous necessities. Any advice on the dos and don’ts with a diesel, towing tips, recalls/any mechanical electrical problems that have surfaced with these trucks, upgrades/mods, performance mods (egr delete, exhaust, etc), or tuning/programming it?”

2018 Ford Super Duty F-250 Lariat

KCJackson1 agrees that a dually is a good idea here. But he also wonders if another upgrade is necessary.

“The standard axle ratio is actually 3.55. The 4.10 is optional, but most of what you’ll find in dealer stock. It’s all going to depend on what 5th you plan on getting and whether you’ll need to “future-proof” the truck for its intended load. If you’re looking to go big with the 5th, then get the 4.10. The 3.55 won’t even notice the trailer you have now. And you’ll get better fuel economy when empty.

Your next dilemma will be, is the F-450 a better tool for the job? That will depend on things like insurance and registration rules in your state. Whether the improved turning circle is necessary, and you don’t mind reduced fuel economy and fewer tire/wheel choices. But the 450 comes standard with the 4.30 axle, larger brake rotors/pads, and the aforementioned sharper turning front axle.”

Ford Super Duty Decisions: F-350 Dually or F-450 Dually? continued…

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