Ford F-Series Frames Make Chevy’s Old Tech Look Silly

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While the F-Series (and every other truck) has switched to E-Coating, GM lags behind with decades-old wax dipping.

The truck wars continue to rage on, as they always have. And though we already know that Ford’s venerable F-Series has held the crown for 40 years now, the competition is getting fiercer by the year. And with technology advancing at a blinding pace these days, it’s hard to keep up with all of the many nuances that separate each brand’s trucks. Like the sort of coatings each uses on their respective frames.

Thus, this excellent video from Super Duty owner Big Truck Big RV is truly eye-opening, especially if you’re not aware of some of the little things that truly separate the F-Series from General Motors trucks of the same ilk.

When you start analyzing those little things, as BTBRV points out, you find “there’s a lot of different areas where truck manufacturers try to cut costs.” And one of those areas just so happens to be a place that “you don’t have to really dig into deeply when you’re researching vehicles.”

Ford F-Series

We’re talking specifically about the frame coatings of both the F-Series and the Silverado/Sierra. Our host is no stranger to this topic, having made quite a few videos about it in the past. But even he admits to being “shocked” to learn that GM still waxes their frames.


‘You can go underneath a GM truck and scrape your fingernail against it and actually remove the wax coating.’


Now, if you’re not familiar with the way frames are made, we also get an explanation of that. “The process of making a frame from raw steel generally involves using oils and other solvents in the frame to protect it against rust while it’s being produced. But after that, the frame is usually cleaned off and all the oils are removed.”

Once this step is completed, both Ford and Ram E-Coat their frames, which is somewhat of a cross between plating and painting. “They dip it into a solution and then add an electrical charge to the frame, which then bonds the metal to a protective barrier to prevent it from rusting, or at least seriously slows down the process,” BTBRV adds.

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