These Folks Thought Ford Raptors Were Invincible. Ouch!

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Raptors are seriously capable trucks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t break them.

We all know that the Ford Raptor is one of, if not the most capable factory-built truck on the market today. By now you’ve seen endless videos of Raptors flying around in the desert, jumping hills, and just being all around badasses. Heck, we’ve even shown you a nearly stock Raptor finish Baja and then drive home with the air conditioning on.

But, that doesn’t mean the Raptor is invincible. Not by a long shot. Its threshold for breaking might be considerably higher than other trucks, but it will still break. You can’t run it into a tree, jump it 20-feet in the air, or exceed its towing capacity without expecting some kind of damage. But, as you can imagine, that hasn’t stopped people from trying these things anyway.


This video by Chewy Racing compiles a number of Raptor fails that vary from insane jumps, to just some dummy driving into a tree at low-speed. And of course, there’s the stereotypical “well endowed girl who rides along and pretends to be scared.” Heck, one guy can’t even make it up a sandy hill. Blasphemy, you say? Nope, just reality, and proof that even the mighty Raptor has its limitations.

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