Truck-Loving Babies Can Be “Driven” to Sleep Without Leaving the House

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According to Ford, babies really enjoy trucks. Or at least sleeping in them…

Everyone loves taking their F-150 off-road, or towing the family boat out to the lake. There’s nothing better than using your truck to its fullest capabilities. However, for some F-150 owners, their trucks are also used for nighttime drives with their babies. For many new parents, there is only one guaranteed solution to putting their baby down at the end of the day – a night-time drive that soothes, calms and eventually helps little one nod off. Well, Ford knows about this, and wants to give customers an alternative to the sometimes dreadful nighttime drive. They’ve actually created a new crib.

That’s right, Ford Motor Company has spent the time and resources necessary to develop the Max Motor Dreams, a crib that simulates the motions of a vehicle traveling down the road. Now your little baby can rest easy imagining they’re in the cab of your F-150, and you can do whatever else you need to do. This new gadget simulates the low rumble of an engine, the motion of the truck, and even the soft glow of passing street lights. Even better, it’s controlled via smart phone app!

As of now, Ford created the Max Motor Dreams as a one-off prototype. However, they may look into a full-scale launch of the crib depending on consumer interest. Then, maybe F-150 owners can get back to using their trucks in more exciting ways, such as — grocery shopping!

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