Ford F-150 Beats Up a Nissan GTR on the Drag Strip

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F-150 with a Whipple-supercharged V8 beats the Japanese supercar on three straight runs.

In most cases, a quarter-mile clash between a Ford F-150 and a 2012 Nissan GTR would lead to a beating, but this is no normal half-ton pickup. This is the “Undertaker” of the Boosted F-150 YouTube channel and in the video above, it beats down a GTR with an inexperienced driver in three-straight drag races. In all fairness, the first two runs weren’t really races, as the Nissan didn’t leave the starting line until the truck was well down the track, but on the third run, the Ford pickup left no question as to which is quicker.

The Undertaker

The Ford F-150 regular cab, short bed, four-wheel-drive pickup in the video above has been nicknamed the Undertaker. This truck is powered by a 5.0-liter Coyote V8 that has been outfitted with a Whipple supercharger, bigger fuel injectors, headers, high-flow catalytic convertors and a host of other upgrades. As a result, this is one crazy-quick truck that runs consistently in the 10-second range.

Undertaker F-150 Engine


As we learn shortly into the video, this 2012 Nissan GTR is new to the owner, who is still trying to learn how to use the launch control system. The car has no catalytic convertors, no resonators, a cold air intake system and a tune, leading to 475 all-wheel horsepower. That F-150 is most certainly machining more than 475 horsepower at the wheels, but the Nissan is lighter than the truck, so with the fancy launch system, the truck might have a tough fight on its hands.

Or not.

Nissan GTR waiting with Ford F-150

The Racing Action

On the first of three runs, the F-150 jumps out to a huge lead on the launch and never looks back. The Nissan waits a few seconds to leave and doesn’t gain any ground once it is moving. After that run, we learn that the driver is trying to figure out the launch control system and when the F-150 driver deep staged, the Nissan driver wasn’t ready to run yet.

Ford F-150 and GTR Heading to the Line

On the second run, the F-150 waited as the Nissan got into the beams and set up the launch control system. We can hear the twin-turbocharged V6 roaring as the Ford inches into the beams, but when the green lights drop, it is all F-150 once again.  Even when time to prepare at the line, the driver still couldn’t get away with the truck.

Finally, the F-150 driver told the Nissan driver that he would give the GTR the hit. In other words, the Ford wouldn’t move until the Nissan moved, guaranteeing that the truck would end the race in the first 60 feet. On this run, the GTR actually held a bit of an early lead, but the Undertaker pulled ahead just past half-track to take the win.

Ford F-150 Ready to Run GTR

On the one good run, the Ford won with a 10.87 at 129 miles per hour while the GTR ran a 10.99 at 125.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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