Last Big Bronco Soars through the Pit

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Full-size Bronco owner makes the most of the removable top while playing in the mud.

This week’s “Muddy Monday” video comes to us from the Car Warz YouTube channel and it features a fifth generation Ford Bronco romping in the slop at the Bentley Lake Road Mud Bog in Michigan. This generation of the full-size sport utility vehicle is best known for O.J. Simpson’s televised run from the police, but thanks to its truck-based platform, it is also a pretty solid mud machine. Those capabilities are amplified by the aftermarket and the result of a big build of the final big Bronco is on display in the video above.

The Last Big Bronco

The truck in action above is from the final generation of Bronco prior to the upcoming version, but more importantly, it was the final generation based on the Ford F-150. The new SUV set to hit dealers in the next year or so will is expected to utilize a body-on-frame chassis design, but with the new Bronco being built alongside the new mid-sized Ranger, the new SUV will also be a mid-sized model.

Blue 5g Bronco Side

In other words, it appears as though the fifth generation of the Bronco will be the last big body based on the F-150, at least well into the foreseeable future. However, there are still plenty of these large SUVs in action and in the video above, one of them is flexing its muscles in the mud.

There are no details on this Bronco, but it clearly has significant chassis and suspension improvements, making room for the huge tires. It also has a rear-mounted cooling system and with the top being removed, we can see that the “interior” of the SUV is really just a radiator, a couple cooling fans and a couple lightweight front seats.

5g Blue Bronco Rear

It is a purpose-built mud machine and it is good at what it does.

Mudding Action

In the course of the two-minute video, this monstrous Ford Bronco storms from one side of the pit to the other over and over again. Each time, the driver takes a different line through the mud, looking for holes that he has not yet conquered, and each time, the big SUV makes short work of the challenge.

5g Blue Bronco Digging in Mud

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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