FTE Forum Member’s ’71 Bronco is a Part of the Family

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Forum member 77&79F250's 1971 Ford Bronco.

This trail truck has come a long way in eight years. 

As most truck fans know, few vintage rigs have been hotter in recent years than the 1966 to ’77 Ford Bronco. The compact, go-anywhere 4×4 is enjoying a popularity that few classic trucks have ever seen before. On the one hand, it couldn’t have happened to a cooler truck. On the other, that means a lot of them are being over-restored and sold for a small fortune. And that’s what makes forum member 77&79F250‘s ’71 Bronco so cool. Instead of being a trailer queen, it’s still toughing it out on the trails, just like it should be.

The only time “Ol Red” is on a trailer is when it’s going to the trails, or maybe a fabricator for some frame reinforcements. Other than that, this truck is where it belongs: Outside on a big expanse of land. He’s owned the truck since 2010, which is when he started this fascinating thread. The truck was in pretty rough shape when he bought it. But since then, he’s made it infinitely better while keeping it a tough and ugly trail monster.

Forum member 77&79F250's 1971 Ford Bronco.

When he bought the Bronco, it was powered by a 289 cubic inch V8 mated to a C4 automatic. In the eight years since, the powertrain has stayed the same. The rest of the truck has gotten some very well thought out mods.

Lots of work, lots of rewards

In 2011, it got a new Edelbrock carburetor, a tuneup, new seats, fender well tool boxes, and an exhaust. The next year saw some more work, including some mods to the roll cage. Despite a tornado scare in 2013, the Bronco saw a trove of parts from a ’68 that was gotten for cheap.

Forum member 77&79F250's 1971 Ford Bronco.

In 2014, Ol Red got a buddy in the form of a buggy built on a ’73 Bronco frame. It’s a big year for the truck otherwise, as it gets a new full roll cage, modified tool boxes, rear jump seats, and a rear bumper with a winch hookup. For 2015, Ol Red gets a new glovebox door, front axle U-joints, steering knuckle, and electronic ignition. In 2016, the truck gets a big upgrade with some 16×38 Super Swampers and 32-bolt Allied Racing wheels. It also gets rock sliders to replace the crusty rocker panels.

And in the past two years, the Bronco has seen some paintwork, some LED head and trail lights, a new shifter cable, another new carb, a skid plate, a new power steering box, and radiator mounts. Of course, we’re oversimplifying here.

We love member threads because we get to watch trucks grow and change with their owners. Ol Red has been through a lot in the past eight years. There have been frustrating projects, worthwhile developments, a whole lot of trail riding, and irreplaceable family moments. And the relationship 77&79F250 has with his fellow forum members makes for a great read. If you want to see a cool old Bronco go from ragged trail rig to beloved member of a family, give this thread a look.

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