F-250 Two-Tone Gender Reveal Smoke Show: Tire Smokin’ Tuesday

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Black smoke from the F-250’s diesel engine is followed by pink smoke, announcing a new baby girl.

This week’s Tire Smokin’ Tuesday video comes to us from the YouTube channel of Salinas Photography and it features a Ford F-250 doing a big diesel burnout as part of a gender reveal party. Gender reveal parties are all the rage these days, but for a couple who is into big trucks more than lace and doilies, the burnout reveal has become the best way to tell your friends whether you are having a boy or a girl.

As the image above reveals, this couple is having a girl, so the truck’s tires smoke bright pink rather than white, following up a blast of black diesel smoke as the PowerStroke engine began making its tire-shredding torque.

F-250 Black Smoke

Automotive Gender Reveals

If you are unfamiliar with the trend of gender reveal parties, here is a quick rundown on what the owners of this F-250 are doing in the video above.

At most gender reveal parties, none of the guests know whether the couple is having a boy or a girl. In some cases, the mother and father don’t know, either. At average gender reveal parties, the couple opens a box of balloons or cuts a cake or opens something that is filled with either pink contents for a girl or blue contents for a boy. That is fine for the average couple, with a wife who wants the party to be more like a bridal shower, but for the couples who have an automotive passion, burnout gender reveals have become a popular option.

F-250 Pink Smoke

There are companies that make tires that look normal, but which burn either pink or blue, and there are items that you can put on the ground where the vehicle will do the burnout. In this case, it looks like the F-250 is fitted with tires that burn a unique color, based on how much bright pink smoke is created.

Super Duty Burnout Reveal

The video above features the gender reveal party for Jorge Olivas​ and Unity Faith Sterling​. At the beginning of the video, we watch as attendees mark on a chalkboard whether they think that the couple is having a boy or a girl. Once the guests have all made their decisions, the couple climbs into the black Ford F-250.

F-250 Gender Guesses

The truck has huge custom front rims and stock-looking rear rims, fitted with the tires that smoke in colors. The Super Duty has a gigantic exhaust tip and as the driver brings up the engine speed, black soot pours from the pipe for a few seconds before being flooded with pink smoke.

F-250 Start of Pink Smoke

While this video has far more meaning that just a burnout to the friends and family of the happy couple, it is a fantastic burnout video with colored smoke for the rest of us.

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