Ford F-150 Gets Nice Power and Economy Boost with Simple Bolt-ons

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Ford F-150

Sure, tuning your Ford F-150 gives you more power. But it can also improve towing, fuel economy, and much more.

Quite a few of us frequently complain about the complexity of today’s computer-controlled trucks. But there is a silver lining to all of those high-tech components, of course. It allows aftermarket companies to create custom tunes for our trucks, which most famously unlock “hidden” horsepower and torque. But there are other benefits to tuning besides maximum power. A perfect example of that comes to us from Off Road Xtreme‘s recent experience toying around with a 2011 Ford F-150.

In this case, the mag oversaw the installation of Superchips’ Stage 1 Powerpaq kit on a 5.0-liter V8 equipped Ford F-150, which, in and of itself, is rather simple. The kit consists of a Superchip Flashpaq F5 tuner and an Edge cold air intake system, which are two of the more popular bolt ons in today’s aftermarket. Mostly because they offer up some of the best bang for your performance buck around. And they’re extremely easy to install, requiring no permanent modifications to your truck.

Ford F-150

But while the combo offers up an obvious power increase, there are plenty of other reasons to nab one for your Ford F-150. The F5 tuner has tire options for those wanting to run bigger rubber. And it can even change the gear ratio up and down. It also packs four different tunes that you can switch between depending on your own specific needs – Performance, Heavy Tow, MileageXS, and 87 Octane.

The cold-air intake works in unison with the tuner, offering up increased airflow. It’s a simple bolt on, and tuning your Ford F-150 is as easy as plugging the F5 into your truck’s OBD II port and following some prompts. Then, you simply choose the one you need at the time. The Performance tune obviously offers maximum output. Opt for Heavy Tow, and you get more of an emphasis on torque. MileageXS gives you the best fuel economy. And the 87 Octane tune allows your truck to run optimally on cheap gas.

Ford F-150

All of that sounds great, but how does it translate to real world performance? According to this Ford F-150’s owner, apparently pretty darn good.

“Just last weekend, I was towing a trailer up to Lake Isabella for a final, end-of-summer camping trip. Usually, it takes me a half-tank to get there, and half-tank back. This time, it was only a quarter-tank there, and a quarter-tank back. It’s getting better airflow and it feels like the throttle is more responsive. And on top of that, it’s nice to have a reusable filter that I can just wash out, let it dry, clamp it on, and go.”

Sounds like a win-win to us!

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