Flying High Again: ‘Toxic’ Ford Monster Truck Takes Flight

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Modified Ford Super Duty with 1,500 HP frolics in freestyle arena.

This week’s Freaky Friday video comes to us from the ACFairgrounds YouTube channel and it features the 2010 Ford Super Duty monster truck known as Toxic. In this clip, the Toxic Super Duty is doing everything that you want a monster truck to do, including crushing cars and flying high into the air as the mangled metal is transformed into a jump.

Monster Truck Freestyle

If you haven’t been to a monster truck rally in a few years, there is a portion of many shows called Freestyle. While the key focus of the rally might the head-to-head competition with trucks racing around the tight arena and over vehicles, many fans don’t come to see the racing. Many fans show up simply because they want to hear the supercharged V8 engines roar as trucks smash old cars and soar through the air.

Toxic Ford Super Duty on Cars

That is where Freestyle comes into play. Drivers have a designated amount of time to go as crazy as they want in the arena and the goal is to do the most extreme stunts possible. In some cases, the trucks end up on their roof or with broken wheels or on fire. All that matters in Freestyle is wowing the crowd by any means necessary.

Toxic Action

In the video above, the Toxic Ford Super Duty of Gilbert Motorsports is taking its turn in the Freestyle class and for the better part of three minutes, this 1,500-horsepower monster truck crushes cars and flies through the air. The whine of the blown V8 provides the perfect soundtrack for this wicked truck, at least until the engine starts to smoke late in the run.

Toxic Ford Super Duty Smoking

In the end, this Ford shows us what Monster Truck Freestyle is all about, even though the truck didn’t end up on its roof or in flames.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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