Tuned and Deleted Ford F-250 Is One Killer Daily

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Ford F-250

Obsessive maintenance and the right mix of aftermarket parts make this Ford F-250 the perfect daily driver.

Most of us daily drive some form of Ford truck. And why wouldn’t we? These modern rigs offer up loads of comfort to go along with incredible capability. One could argue that no better daily exists than a newer Ford pickup, and you won’t find many that would argue against it. So we weren’t surprised to find this killer Ford F-250 daily offered up in the Ford Truck Enthusiasts Marketplace. But it does have a few upgrades on your typical daily driver, that’s for sure.

For starters, the 6.4-liter Powerstroke is deleted. Removing the stock EGR might hurt emissions a tad, but it does wonders for power and fuel economy. Not to mention help the engine last even longer. Other goodies include an AFE high flow filter and Sinister Diesel coolant filter and oil bypass. Toss on an SCT Livewire TS Tuner w/ River City Diesel Tunes, and you’ve got one nice little package.

Ford F-250

With just under 200k miles, this Ford F-250 has also received a ton of routine maintenance that demonstrates just how well it’s been cared for. Synthetic oil, fuel additives, and various other fluids have been changed/added regularly. There’s a brand new radiator, along with preventative maintenance done on the pulleys, water pump, belts, and pretty much everything else under the sun. Or, uh, the hood.


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