Ford Explains the Focus RS’s Drift Button

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Ford Focus RS

As I’m sure you all are well aware of by now, the man that was principally behind begging and pleading with Ford to finally bring over the Focus RS is none other than Ken Block.

So much so that for the reveal, Ford asked Ken to make a few videos for their ad department that went over swimmingly.

Ford Focus RS

But now comes another issue. People have now watched that video of Ken Block sliding the holy hell out of the little AWD hatch and will most likely want to imitate the famous hoon.

So in order to allow anyone to enjoy sliding and drifting the company’s newest car, even those without the necessary skills to perform said maneuvers. Ford built the car with a drift button that’s insanely technical.

Road and Track sat down with Dave Pericak, the head of Ford’s Performance Division to talk about the cars ability to rotate.

According to Pericak, “the ability of the twin-clutch all-wheel-drive system to channel up to 70 percent of the RS’s torque to the rear wheels, and then up to 100 percent of that output to either side to enable torque vectoring, makes it relatively easy to persuade the Focus RS into power oversteer. The secret is then making sure enthusiasm doesn’t get the better of limited experience…It knows how fast the car is yawing, and what you’re doing to catch it. The more you stay ahead of the car, the more the system will let you rotate the car. But if the computer sees you falling behind, your steering inputs not keeping up with the yaw rate, then it steps in and rescues you. We’d say it’s an excellent teaching tool to help develop your skills, it works with you, not against you.


So in essence, the car is magic and relies on voodoo to keep you going forward. Or at least that’s what I got out of it. Stay tuned for more awesomeness to come from this little fast Ford.

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