This Thief REALLY Likes Fords

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The S550 Mustang has only been on sale for a short period of time, but in that short career, it’s already been boosted, tracked, and a few crashed. Now however, the new Mustang is going where no other S550 has gone before. To the clink.

A few days ago, a brand new white S550 Mustang was stolen in DeSoto, Texas. Now here’s what happened.

According to police, the suspect stole the monster F-350 we mentioned earlier this week, and was making a run for it in a different truck. Police stopped the truck and a high-speed chase began. However, police got the truck to stop but the perp wasn’t going down without a fight.

Here’s where it gets ridiculous. The suspect then jumped out of the stolen truck and into a brand new S550 Mustang. They then put the Mustang into reverse, running over an officer. At this point the other officers involved opened fire and hit the driver, but only after the Mustang had crashed through a fence directly behind it.


Both the driver of the Mustang and the suspect will make a full recovery and go directly to jail. Hopefully the Mustang will get its day in court to tell the world how these two idiots hurt it.

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