Ford Truck Puts Chevy in its Place

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Ford Puts Chevy in its Place Featured

There is a lesson to be learned from the following video. This is a lesson you can share with your Chevy-driving friends because as a Ford Truck Enthusiast, you likely know better.

Here’s the lesson: Don’t be cocky. Even if you think you’ll win a battle, whether it’s a chess match or a prison brawl, let your actions do the talking after you’ve won. Who wants to talk a big game prior to delivering a small tragedy?

Hopefully the Chevy driver in this video has learned his lesson. If not, he’s headed for a lifetime of trouble.

According to OfficialSeabeckBoys, the folks who posted this to YouTube, “The Chevy owner was the person who wanted to do the truck pull against the Ford. He was smack-talking the kid in the Ford until he finally participated in the pull, and we recorded it for YouTube.”

And now we can laugh at him. Seriously, how are you going to smack-talk a 1994 Ford F-350 4×4 with a 460, when all you’re bringing to this gunfight is your two-wheel-drive … what is that? A Cheyenne? That seems like an appropriate trim level for Chevy truck drivers who can’t back up their smack-talk.

I wonder if the tattooed guy in the video below drives a Chevy …

Yet another example of why not to be cocky.

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