Absolutely Killer Ford Custom Vans Go up for Auction

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1979 Ford Custom Van

Move over Chevelles and Mustangs, we have some obvious Ford favorites from the upcoming Mecum Las Vegas auction.

We like muscle cars just fine, but sometimes you can only see so many pristine cars at auction before it gets, well boring. However, this incredible collection of custom vans up for sale at Mecum Auctions Las Vegas in November has absolutely hit the sweet spot with us.

Mecum lists it as “Barry’s Van & Muscle Car Collection” and in addition to the vans, you’ll also find one of the most eclectic auction collections ever. It includes everything from a Cadillac Allante to a ‘73 Plymouth Duster. But the vans — even the non-Ford ones — are so worth a round-up.

1990 Ford Custom Van

1990 Ford Custom Van

Even on a later Ford van, this one features so much ‘70s looks that we can’t not love it. The triple-stripe exterior matches the front cabin’s upholstery and looks great with the blue interior carpet. (Auction listing)

1979 Ford Custom Denimachine

1979 Ford Denimachine Replica

Everybody wanted in on the custom-van craze of the ‘70s, including corporations. For example, Coca-Cola and Levi Strauss commissioned the Denimachine. This ‘79 Ford recreates that great paint scheme, down to the red/white/blue interior, rear window louvers, fender flares, a killer wing, and rear-door “pockets.” (Auction listing)

1986 Ford Econoline Custom

1986 Ford Econoline

This is what it’s all about: totally bitchin’ mural, bed in the back, side pipes, and rally wheels. Everything else is just icing on the cake. Shut up and take our money! (Auction Listing)

1977 Ford Econoline

This Econoline looks relatively clean inside, albeit a bit old. There’s no customization on it, yet, but that’s because this is the blank canvas. This one’s just waiting for your Space Viking-conqueror mural. (Auction Listing)

1977 Dodge Custom Van

Yeah, it’s not a Ford, but we needed to show you the surfing banana van. Click on it and go through the photos. You absolutely will not regret it. (Auction Listing)

1980 Dodge Custom Six-Wheeler

1980 Dodge Custom Van

Six-wheels, dragons, wizards, and cabin-length couch. Checkmate. (Auction Listing)

Who wins the custom van game? The answer is “all of us.”

We regularly hear that it’s cool to like custom vans unironically for the first time in about 35 years. We hope that’s true because we think all of these are just totally amazing. See the whole collection here on the Mecum Vegas page.

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Eric Rood is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and LS1Tech, among other auto sites.

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