Ford Super Duty Proves Its Toughness in Bad Accident

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Ford Super Duty

FTE member finds out just how tough his 2017 Super Duty is after a Toyota slams into him at 50+ mph!

Automakers and the media make a big deal about crash tests. But those are conducted under highly controlled environments, albeit ones that modern Ford trucks have performed quite well in. In the real world, however, nothing is controlled. You never know when or if some idiot will come out of nowhere, crashing into your beloved ride. And you don’t know what the outcome could be.

But judging by this bad accident suffered by Ford Truck Enthusiasts member hinsong recently in his Super Duty, we have reason to be hopeful. As much flack as the non-Ford guys love to give us about aluminum bodies, it’s pretty amazing that this new King Ranch held up so well given the circumstances.

“Just sitting at a red light and a Tacoma slammed into me. He was trying to swerve between me and an F-150. He knocked us forward several feet. The Tacoma went airborne and over the F-150 (damaged it too) and landed on its side. Tacoma driver was not wearing his seatbelt and hit his windshield, but everyone walked away (I actually drove away). Could have been much worse. 

I’ll say this about the Ford – although I’m a bit sore, that thing really absorbed the impact and kept us safe. I’m very pleased with how the truck held up. I do hope the frame is bent and it’s totaled, though. I’m afraid it will never be the same if just repaired. You can see how far he pushed me. I’m guessing he was going around 50 mph.”

Super Duty

As sad as it is to see the OP’s beautiful new Super Duty in this kind of state, it’s also a very impressive result. Many other vehicles would probably be totaled after an impact like this, especially considering the fact that the Toyota had a brush guard up front. And as CopterPilot points out, the outcome could have been different had the OP been driving another brand.

“I had a friend that had a similar incident happen. His truck (Chevy) was sitting on the street in front of his house and overnight was hit by a drunk driver. The impact pushed the truck a number of feet just like yours. Insurance paid only to repair the truck and said it was NOT totaled despite extensive body damage.

He got the truck back and within 2 months the rear axle ring gear failed. With only 60,000 miles on the truck it was obviously due to being shoved across the pavement and the stress on the driveline. Insurance refused to pay for the repair. Then 4 months later the transmission went out. Same song and dance. Maybe the moisture on the ground relieved some of the stress on the driveline from the impact in your case. And let’s face it, his was a Chevy.”

Super Duty

Former Chevy owner turned Ford guy kcwolf200 had a similar experience a while back as well.

“I was in a similar accident back in September of last year. I was in my 2013 Chevy 3500 Duramax. Stopped and got rear ended by a 2004 F-450 pulling an enclosed trailer for a mowing company that was going about 50 mph when he hit me. My truck looked worse than yours and the frame was bent. And even being 3 years old with 55k miles on it, the insurance company would still not total it. Diesel HD trucks really hold their value. The body shop even estimated ordering a new frame and rebuilding the truck on it, and it still didn’t meet the percentage to total it out. 

The body shop did a knock out job fixing my truck and it looked and drove great. Total repair bill was just under $20k. I still didn’t trust that something would not show up months or years down the road, so I traded it in and got my 2017 F-250 and now I’m on here with you fine people!”

Super Duty

Unfortunately, the repairs on the OP’s Super Duty didn’t turn out as well as he’d hoped. But on the bright side, he got to upgrade his ride!

“I got my F-250 back a couple of weeks ago and wasn’t happy with the repairs. Most people probably wouldn’t have noticed it, but the work was sloppy. They replaced the entire bed, but the lower accent paint didn’t line up with the rest of the truck which meant they would have to repaint for a third time. There was overspray on the truck from the bed liner. The bed liner covered some but not all of the bed bolts. New tailgate made a loud popping noise when opening and closing, plus a few other minor details.

All of these could have been fixed, but in anticipation of these problems (and fear of new ones that would show up later) I ordered an F-350 (SRW) a few weeks back under no obligation to go through with the purchase. Instead of being without my truck for another month while they resolved these problems, I did the trade today and should come out about even after all the insurance stuff is settled.”

So it all worked out in the end. It goes without saying that the OP is quite confident in the Super Duty and its ability to keep him and his family safe moving forward. So let the haters talk about our trucks all they want. Because we know that they’re Built Ford Tough!

Brett Foote is a longtime contributor to Internet Brands’ Auto sites, including Chevrolet Forum, Rennlist, and Ford Truck Enthusiasts, among other sites.

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