Muddy Monday: Big Boy Bronco Wheelies in the Mud

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Massive Ford Bronco shows us why bigger it’s always better. At least when it comes to tires and suspension…

This week’s “Muddy Monday” video features a second generation (1978-1979) Ford Bronco playing in the mud with a few friends – several of which are driving Ford vehicles. Joining in the fun are sixth generation F-Series pickups, a tenth generation F-150, and a handful of other non-Ford trucks. Needless to say, the big yellow Bronco is the star of this show.

This video by thekingofcows begins with the yellow Bronco attempting to tackle a mud hole so deep, that the SUV nearly rolls onto its side when it first enters the murky water. After a few seconds of digging, the driver backs out and gets another run, this time aiming to the left in an effort to keep the truck leveled. The plan works, as the Bronco is able to reach the other side of the hole, although that’s not where the story ends.


The 10-minute-long video goes on to show various scenarios where the Bronco and the other trucks flirt with disaster. Perhaps that’s what makes it so exciting.

If you are looking to kill 10 minutes on a slow Monday, grab a drink and enjoy this video!

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