Billet Grille Installation: Insert, Replacement, Overlay/Bolt-on

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Billet Grilles Installation

There are a few ways in install a new Billet Grille. Before deciding on exactly which Billet Grille that you want, it is advised to shop around and find the Billet Grille that best suits your budget, tastes and your vehicle’s exterior. Billet Grilles are offered in a variety of styles, designs and types and there is a Billet Grille to suit most any budget.

Advantages of Billet Grille

A Billet Grille is designed to allow air and water into and out of a vehicles engine and its components and to compliment the beauty of the exterior of a vehicle. Another advantage of Billet Grilles is that they are relatively inexpensive and can add a personal customized touch to the exterior of any vehicle.

They are offered in many styles and designs to suit any budget and taste.

Billet Grille Installation

Billet Grilles are easily installed by the owner of the vehicle or a professional. There are three basic types of Billet Grille installation.

“¢    Billet Grille Insert – For this type of Billet Grille the original factory stock grill on the vehicle has to be modified. A jig saw is usually used to remove the inner portion of the original grille and then the Billet Grille insert is placed into the opening. It is secured with hidden bolts and clamps.
“¢    Overlay/Bolt-on Billet Grille – The bolt-on Billet Grille is the easiest to install as it is laid over the original factory stock grill. The factory grill requires no modification and can be seen through the bolt-on Billet Grille. It is very easy to install an overlay grille with a couple of simple tools. It takes less than half an hour to install an overlay Billet Grille. If the original grill is black it is more difficult to see. If you want it to be seen, the Billet Grille can be customized to show the manufacturers logo. Some automakers, like Ford, have Billet Grilles with a cut-out center to display the Ford logo.
“¢    Replacement Billet Grille – This type of Billet Grille requires complete removal of the existing grill and requires tools and some precision. It is highly recommended to check your vehicle rust warranty before installing a replacement Billet Grille, as doing so may void the warranty. If this is the case, you might want to hire a professional to install the replacement Billet Grille.

Most Billet Grilles come with a warranty and all of the installation instructions. All of the necessary hardware like bolts, clamps and brackets will come with a new Billet Grille. When installed properly, the hardware will be hidden.

Factory grill removal

Most original factory stock grills are mounted with plastic brackets, so removal should be relatively simple. You will need a hacksaw to slice the brackets and a drill to install the replacement Billet Grille. If you are not a do-it-yourselfer, it is advised to hire a professional to do the work for you.

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