Billet Grille Buying Guide:What Does it Do, Why Get One, Which One is Ideal

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Why Purchase a Billet Grille?

Before purchasing a Billet Grille for your Ford truck, it is wise to do some research to help you understand exactly what a Billet Grille is and its specific purposes. Purchasing a new truck is a major investment for most people. So if you are going to invest in something expensive, you should take the time to get the information on the options that are available to Ford truck buyers.

Billet Grille explanation

A grille is very simply an opening with holes or slat openings that allow the passage of air to the engine for the purpose of keeping the engine and its components, like the radiator, cool. However, there are several models that have an additional grille built into the front bumper. Essentially a Billet Grille is a grill for the grill. It is either placed then bolted over the exterior of the standard stock original grille or it is a total replacement of the standard stock original grille. Billet Grilles are installed for aesthetics and protection.

Advantages of Billet Grilles

Billet Grilles are semi permeable coverings for the standard grille that permits air to stream through the standard grille while repelling and redirecting solid debris from the road, keeping possibly damaging debris from entering the engine compartment that might otherwise enter through the standard grille.

In additional to their functionalities, Billet Grilles can add a distinct style to each Ford truck, giving it a personal flare. There are many styles that range from decorative to unadorned to highlight and enhance the Ford truck you are driving.

Billet Grilles are designed to modify, customize and compliment your Ford truck, but they also have a substantial function of filtering debris.

Ford truck billet grilles are manufactured of sturdy material like alloy made from magnesium or magnesium and silicon. Stainless steel with a high chromium content and ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic are also choices for billet grille material. Any of these materials help ensure a reliable, strong and long-lasting Billet Grille that will last the lifetime of your Ford truck.

Billet Grilles are sturdy to withstand the constant exposure to extreme sunlight, inclement weather and humidity. Billet Grilles are designed to withstand any fading and chipping. And Ford Billet Grilles are built to help endure collisions, adding extra protection. They will also reduce the amount of bugs and rubbish that can be trapped on a regular grill and the radiator.

Billet Grilles are relatively inexpensive, come in a variety of styles and materials, and are easily and quickly installed. “Bolted over” Billet Grilles take less than thirty minutes to install as there is no cutting or drilling involved, which means that there are no special tools required for a professional installation. This type of installation will also avoid voiding the manufacturers rust warranty. It is advised that total replacement Billet Grilles should be done by a professional as there may be a few minor bodywork changes.

Whether you want to display or hide your truck’s manufacturer original logo, a Billet Grille will adhere to either desire, as they are custom built to your specifications. 

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