Ford Truck Parts Buying Guide: Useful Sites

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When looking for specific type of part for your Ford truck, sites like offer to do the search for you. You plug in your search criteria and any part that will fit your Ford truck will be shown, easy and uncomplicated.

How Does this Work?

When you visit AutoShepherd, you will notice the landing page and its specials. Four specials attract your eye immediately on the top banner; slightly lower on the page are AutoShepherd’s weekly specials in eight categories:

  • brakes
  • exhaust and emission systems
  • exterior accessories
  • wiper and washers
  • filtration and routine maintenance
  • performance accessories
  • interior accessories
  • suspension and chassis

A great way to search is to plug in your Ford truck make, model and year. Do this on the left side of the page. For instance, type in 2009 Ford F-150 XLT with a 5.4L Flex V-8 engine. When you click on “submit,”¬Ě the search engine at AutoShepherd looks for parts that will fit your Ford truck. For example, when you check the weekly specials in brake parts, any parts that will fit your Ford truck will be shown. However, if none of the weekly specials happen to fit your truck, the search engines suggest parts that will fit. How convenient! One example is a weekly special on a Walker Sound FX Muffler. This part does not fit your Ford F-150 truck, but the search engine provides links to Gibson and Magnaflow mufflers, which do fit.

A Broad Spectrum of Information

When you click on a part, you land on a page that gives you an array of details. The list price is compared to the price you pay through AutoShepherd. Your savings are shown. You also get availability and shipping information. Parts data comes in three varieties:

  • production information
  • ratings and reviews
  • manufacturer information

Product information gives you features, benefits, and basic product knowledge. Ratings and reviews can help you decide to purchase based on feedback from customers who’ve used the product. Manufacturer information provides data on the maker of the product, such as past successes, how long they’ve been in business, and the company’s specialties.

 Becoming a Member

Sites such as AutoShepherd also have the option of signing up as a member. This can give you faster checkouts, the ability to review your order history, access to your order status, and advance information on specials and promotions.

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