Hey Ford Tuners, Your SEMA Proposals are Due … Now

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How do you think one of the world’s biggest and craziest car shows comes together? You think the City of Las Vegas just say, “Hey, car people, come on down!” Nah, SEMA requires hundreds of people, hundreds of hours of coordination, and hundreds of pages and files to make everything to come together properly. That’s why for a show that happens in October, there are already deadlines in March.

Today’s reminder is in regards to the 2016 Ford Project Vehicle Program. Part one of the process(a one-page project summary including vehicle/theme, vehicle modifications, new-product development, promotional plan, and vehicle display location at the 2016 SEMA Show)¬†was already due earlier this month. The second part, due March 1, requires this:

“Mail a detailed project proposal. Include details supporting the one-page project summary on company letterhead, a color rendering and past project vehicle examples.”

There are a list of requirements and criteria for the program that can be found HERE. Good luck!

[Via SEMA]

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