TIRE SMOKIN’ Old School F-150 with a Failing Rear

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old f150 burnout failing rear

This week’s Tire Smokin’ video features an older Ford F-150 pickup with a flareside bed doing a trio of burnouts with what seems to be a failing rear differential. At first, the F-150 does a pretty impressive, smokey burnout while only spinning the right rear tire.

The driver lets the truck roll forward and does another burnout, this time smoking both rear tires and leaving two distinct marks on the pavement, so it looks like his limited slip differential grabbed a little on that second burnout.

Finally, we see another burnout that might be this black F-150, or it might be a random black blob with an engine, as the end of the action was filmed with a potato of some sort. However, on that last burnout, the truck in action created a whole lot of smoke, so the worst footage seems to have the best burnout.


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