Ford CEO Salutes Semi-Truck-Pulling F-250 Owner with Thank You Package

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A couple weeks ago Ford got some of the best free publicity it could ask for. During the middle of a slushy mess of a snowstorm in upstate New York, a semi-truck got stuck on the highway. And what came to its rescue? Nothing less than a Ford F-250 Super Duty, of course. Apparently he’d already helped pull out numerous people on highway 490.

Already a bit of a hero, as the story blew up nationally thanks to a local news report, Now the driver and owner of that truck is getting a bit of recognition from another fairly important person: Ford’s CEO Mark Fields.

“I was kinda caught off guard,” Johnson told Time Warner Cable News. “They just thanked me, thanked me for being a Ford fan and good job and appreciate that business.”

He even gave a made-for-advertisement response when he was interviewed by the news, showing confidence in his truck by saying, “It’s a Ford.” Screw the gift basket, give that man a new truck.


[Via Autoblog]

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