Doug’s Big Red Ford Conquers the Mud

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dougs big red ford

This week’s Muddy video features a high-riding Ford F-250 mud truck storming through a variety of pits. The details are limited, but it is very clear that this monster truck has been built for this type of action, with a healthy-sounding V8 engine, a huge suspension setup, and massive tractor tires – all of which allow this Ford to make short work of almost every bog.

The video begins with this big Ford F-250 charging into “the deep pit” and although the muddy water nearly clears the top of the tires, the rig is able to claw its way up onto solid ground. That clip is followed up by another one showing the Ford getting stuck and pulled out by a big tractor, so it isn’t exactly unstoppable – but it’s pretty close.

After the action in the big pit, this 2+ minute video shows the big Ford F-250 tearing through mud that would swallow most trucks. It sounds great doing it, so crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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