2018 vs. 2017 Expedition – Side by Side Video Comparison

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The mighty Ford Expedition is the king of the open road and all-new for 2018. But, how does it compare to the outgoing model?

There aren’t many vehicles as versatile as the Ford Expedition. Heck, there aren’t many full-size SUVs to begin with! Whether it’s a mommy-mobile, dad’s SUV, or a rancher’s everyday ride, its combination of space, capability, and overall performance make it the go-to ride for folks of all backgrounds.

Now that the all-new 2018 model is nearing its release date, it’s important to take a look at the generation that came before it. The 2018 Expedition boasts an aluminum-alloy body, high-tech driving aids, swanky accommodations for large families, and a beefy 400-horsepower 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost engine.


Meanwhile, its predecessor, the 2017 Expedition also rocks a 3.5-liter twin-turbo motor, but it’s rated at 365 horsepower. It’s also considerably heavier, around 300 pounds total, and it doesn’t have the same exterior and interior appeal of the new SUV. In case you haven’t noticed, the Expedition’s new look has established the identity of Ford SUVs for years to come, so keep an eye out for a similar-looking Bronco.


If towing is a big deal to you (and Ford says it is for up to 20% of Expedition owners), you’ll be pleased to know that the new family hauler out-tows its rivals with a massive 9,300-pound towing capacity. The previous one? A decent 6,600 pounds.

This video by the well-established Town and Country TV does an excellent job at highlighting the differences side-by-side. If you’re looking for a bargain on the mightiest Ford SUV, the next couple of months might be the time to buy one. If you’re saving your pennies for the new one — don’t worry — the time is near.

Let us know which one you’d rather bring home?

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Jerry Perez is a regular contributor to Ford Truck Enthusiasts, Corvette Forum, and 6SpeedOnline, among other auto sites.

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