Ford F-750 Fire Truck Restoration Honors Fallen Firefighters (Video)

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It’s not often that we run into a vintage F-750, but an F-750 fire truck is almost unheard of. Now watch this beauty come back to life.

We at Ford Truck Enthusiasts enjoy reading forum threads just as much as anyone. No matter how exciting or mundane a build project or procedure is, we’re interested in reading about it. That being said, we’re especially interested if there are good photos involved. After all, they tell the real story!

The more unusual, unorthodox, or niche a project is, the more intrigued we are. As you know, a classic Ford work truck is one thing. A classic medium-duty Ford truck is fairly unusual. And a classic fire truck based on said medium-duty truck frames? There simply can’t be many of those left, and now you have our attention.

This video courtesy of Hand Built Cars shows the complete restoration of a 1954 Ford F-750 fire truck. The restoration was undertaken to pay respect to fallen firefighters, which we totally dig. After observing the somber anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks earlier this month, this serves as a grim reminder of all of the brave men and women in uniform who lost their lives that day, regardless of the branch.


This truck helps us appreciate even more those who put their lives on the line, literally running into burning buildings to save our lives each and every day. Sadly, some never make it back home.

Watching the restoration of this classic fire truck filled us with a sense of pride. Although we were not involved in the process, the slideshow made us feel like we were in some way a part of it.

Next time you see one like it at a parade or community event near you, you will be able to fully appreciate the amount of work that goes into something like this. Perhaps you will also pause, and remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

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