1997 Ford F-250 Is One Man’s Dream Build

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Ford F-250

When you’re building the Ford F-250 you’ve always wanted, you take all the time you need to do it right!

For a lucky few, building a dream truck happens in mere weeks or months. But unlike your average reality TV car show, it takes most of us years to put it all together. After all, you’ve got to track down the parts you want, buy them, and do the dirty work. And as we all know, money and time are finite resources. To date, Ford Truck Enthusiasts member Fastback460 has spent a handful of years working on his 1997 Ford F-250. But the results are clearly worth it. Even though it certainly didn’t look that way at the start.

“Well, I have now officially gotten started on the body work I’ve been planning for my truck. This may be a slow going thread but I will keep it up to date as progress is made. I’m still on the hunt for a rust free factory tailgate without the finish panel on the back.”

Ford F-250

Rust was pretty rampant, requiring replacement of the tailgate, fenders, bed, and radiator support. The bodywork began in earnest, starting with the bed and tailgate. But once disassembly started, the OP quickly found out that more was needed.

“Power washed and knocked all of the loose rust off the frame yesterday. And found a few other parts that need to be changed.

So now on the list is:

Both fuel filler necks
Rad support
RR spring hanger
Passenger side door
Wiper cowl”

In the meantime, the solid bodywork was being painted, along with the frame. And though the original red/white is certainly a good color combo, we’re digging the decision to paint this Ford F-250 all black.

Ford F-250

Next up was some Line-X bedliner, a toolbox, tiedowns, and a backrack. Which, of course, makes this workhorse even more usable.

Ford F-250

The OP then installed all-new weatherstripping, chrome exhaust tips, and a custom storage box for behind the seat. But then, a problem with the exhaust necessitated more new parts. Which isn’t always a bad thing, of course.

“I found out my exhaust had a large hole right at the back of one of the mufflers.  So now I have all new 3″ pipe from the cats back. I ditched the old single chamber mufflers for some dual chamber Flowmaster Super 40s, and I actually had the exits moved back to the way it used to be.  It’s still pretty loud, but now you can actually have a conversation without yelling.”

And once winter was over, it was time for upgraded rolling stock!

“She’s one step closer to being the truck I’ve always wanted. 305/70/R16 Mickey Thompson ATZ P3s mounted on polished 16×10 Mickey Thompson Classic IIIs”

Ford F-250

And that’s where this Ford F-250 build sits after roughly 3 1/2 years of work. But you can bet the OP isn’t done with it yet. Be sure and head over here to catch up with the work that’s already been done, as well as keep up with future updates!

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