1966 Ford Ice Cream Truck: One Delicious Survivor

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Ford Ice Cream Truck

There was a time when delicious treats were only a couple blocks away. And this incredible, original Good Humor Ford ice cream truck brings back all those feels!

For the most part, kids these days just don’t know what they’re missing out on. Because you see, before we had the world at our fingertips (and in our pockets), we spent much of our leisure time outside. And when you and your friends were cruising your bikes around your local ‘burbs, only one thing could make you drop what you were doing immediately. Well, besides somebody’s mom screaming for them to come home. We’re talking about ice cream trucks, of course.

Serving up endless delicious, frosty treats, the local ice cream truck man was a bit of a local hero. And like some sort of highly trained dog, kids could hear their familiar jingle from blocks away. It’s a tradition that still carries on in some areas today, but nowhere near as prominently. And that’s a real shame, because we miss seeing things like this incredible 1966 Ford ice cream truck.

Ford Ice Cream Truck

We spotted the very much intact survivor on eBay, where it was recently up for grabs. Stored in a museum for many years, this old Ford ice cream truck brings back all sorts of fond memories. Even the legendary Good Humor logos still look nearly new, and everything reportedly still works perfectly. This one shows a little over 25k on the odometer, but many of these trucks racked up hundreds of thousands of trouble-free miles. Credit the ever-popular flat-six under the hood for that.

Ford Ice Cream Truck

The life of an ice cream truck man wasn’t a glorious one, of course. They had to work long hours and sell a ton of cones to pay the bills. Which, of course, is probably why you don’t see stuff like this amazing Ford ice cream truck any more. It’s a slice of Americana that sadly just doesn’t get the appreciation it should. But that’s what we’re here for – to remind you of the days when delicious treats were never more than a couple of blocks away!

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