A Perfectly-Texas Ford Truck Commercial: Throwback Thursday

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Country music, the state flag, longhorn cattle, and the Ford F-150 are all key aspects of Texas culture.

This week’s “Throwback Thursday” video comes to us from the 1711 YouTube channel and it features a regional advertisement for the 2002 Ford F-150. From beginning to end, this commercial personifies takes some of the most familiar aspects of Texas culture and wraps them up into a spot that was likely to resonate well with many Ford truck drivers.

Trucks in Texas

Texas is the biggest market for pickup trucks in America and for the past four decades, the F-Series pickup has been the bestselling truck in America, so as you can imagine, Texas is a key market for Ford trucks. With so many potential buyers in the state, Ford dealers of Texas put together a regional commercial that would appeal to their target audience.

2002 F-150 Texas Stars

The result is a commercial that includes everything that an outsider might associate with the state of Texas, all of which are also things that Texans hold dear.

Ford Tough and Texas Stuff

In this Texas Ford truck commercial from 2002, we are reminded that back then, the F-Series had only been the bestselling truck in America for 25 years. The commercial highlights the safety features of the then-new F-150 and it talks about the dealership incentives being offered when the commercial was new.

Texas Ford Steer Commercial

More importantly, in addition to showing off the 2002 F-150, this commercial is chock full of aspects of Texas culture. The background music is a song written about the state, there are plenty of Texas longhorn cattle and there are a few shots of small towns in the state, with the familiar state flag shown throughout the commercial.

This 2002 Ford F-150 promotes the truck and the Texas culture in a very friendly light, likely making this a successful marketing campaign in one of the nation’s most important truck markets.

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