Uncovered 2020 Ford Bronco Looks Pretty Amazing

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2020 Ford Bronco

Road & Track’s attempt at uncovering the upcoming Bronco is pretty simple, yet likely highly accurate!

After over a year of anticipation, we were finally treated to a teaser pic of the all-new 2020 Ford Bronco recently. But obviously, that image of a boxy-looking ‘ute covered in a muddy sheet isn’t exactly what we were hoping for. At the very least, we suppose it quells our fears that the rebirth of the Bronco would be some sort of sham. Its silhouette looks like a proper first-gen inspired off-roader, so at least we’re sleeping a little better at night these days.

Still, the giant tease has left everyone speculating as to what’s under that dirty cover. We’ve taken our own crack at it recently, and now so has Road & Track. And what they did was admittedly pretty genius, albeit incredibly simple.

R&T”s artist sketched out rudimentary lines from Ford’ original image, then filed in the blanks like some sort of coloring book. And the results confirm what we’ve thought all along: The 2020 Ford Bronco looks a lot like the first-gen original. Head over here and check out how they did it. Go ahead, we’ll be here when you get back!

2020 Ford Bronco

Now that you’ve had a look at how that works, it’s pretty easy to get excited for the future, right? The results of this exercise are exactly what enthusiasts have been asking for. And even though Ford already told us that the 2020 Ford Bronco won’t look like the concept from a few years back, they’re only partially telling the truth. This rendering retains the concept’s basic overall shape, yet adds a bit of roundness to it. Kinda like our original rendering, seen below.

2020 Ford Bronco

In this case, the body lines are certainly different down the side. But obviously, those are the details we can only speculate on right now. Until Ford finally pulls the cover off the hotly anticipated Bronco revival, that is!

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