2001 Econoline Overview

    Product Information 


    2001 Ford E-Series Offers
    Outstanding Versatility

    The 2001 Ford
    E-Series is the full-size truck that can meet many different needs.
    Van and cutaway/stripped chassis models have the strength and
    durability for various commercial jobs, and the wagon offers the
    amenities and cargo room for active family fun.”

    Phil Bonfanti, Ford Division Commercial Truck marketing manager

    New for 2001

    For 2001, all E-Series models have a standard
    heavy-duty battery (78-amp) and a deluxe engine cover console. They
    also have a standard inboard armrest on all front seats.

    On van models in 2001, the Class I Trailer Tow Package is
    standard. Commercial and recreational vans and cutaways now have a
    standard passenger air bag. Light and Convenience Groups are now
    standard on cutaway vans.

    An optional Traveler Package has been added for E-150 Wagon
    customers. This package features 7-passenger leather-trimmed
    seating, videocassette player with two 6-inch headliner-mounted
    screens, AM/FM/stereo/cassette/single CD player, overhead console,
    leather-wrapped steering wheel, cargo organizer, Class II/III/IV
    Trailer Tow Package and unique Tu-Tone paint combination.

    Strength for the Toughest Job

    Power is a critical need for
    full-size van and wagon buyers and E-Series offers five powerful
    engines, beginning with a 4.2L OHV V-6. Three Triton™ engines
    have a deep skirt engine block design, and low-friction components
    to enhance reliability and fuel economy. They are the 4.6L SOHC
    V-8, the 5.4L SOHC V-8 and the 6.8L SOHC V-10. Rounding out the
    engine lineup is the 7.3L Power Stroke® turbo diesel V-8.

    E-Series has a 4-speed automatic overdrive transmission with
    heavy components to satisfy demanding work needs. A wide-ratio
    version has wide gear ratios for maximum use of the engine’s broad
    torque range.

    A practical benefit of the excellent power on E-Series is its
    outstanding trailer towing capability. The E-150 Van can tow up to
    7000 lbs., the E-150 Wagon up to 6600 lbs., and the E-350 Super Duty
    and Super Duty Extended Wagon up to 10,000 lbs. – each when
    properly equipped.

    All wagon and van models have a standard Class I Trailer Tow
    Package that includes a 4-pin trailer wiring harness. An available
    Class II/III/IV Trailer Tow Package includes an electric brake with
    controller tap-in capability, 7-pin trailer wiring harness with
    bumper bracket and relay system for backup/running lights.

    A Truck for Every Purpose

    Both the E-Series Van and Wagon offer incredible
    versatility. The van and wagon are available in regular- and
    extended-length models. The van offers a cutaway version with a
    choice of three wheelbases and a stripped chassis version with four
    wheelbases. The standard side doors on the van are 60/40 swing-out.
    A sliding side cargo door is a no-cost option.

    The E-Series Wagon’s versatility strength is in its seating. It
    offers five different seating configurations, accommodating seven to
    15 people.

    Lots of Room, Lots of Help

    The E-Series emphasizes the full
    in full-size van. It offers up to 256.5 cu. ft. of rear cargo
    space, with up to 309.4 cu. ft. in extended van versions. Two
    innovative storage systems are available to make maximum use of all
    that room. The EconoCargo System helps protect cargo with durable
    panels of high-density polyethylene. The liner materials resist
    acids, gasoline, salt, fertilizers, cleaners, insecticides and many
    solvents. The Rack and Bin System is ideal for customers who need
    to secure tools on a rack or in bins. It includes fully installed
    steel shelving, drawers and cabinets, and a full-width safety
    partition provides work area access from the passenger compartment.

    The deluxe engine cover console is now standard on all E-Series
    wagon, van and cutaway models and includes dual-bin storage, four
    cup holders, coin slots, ashtray and cellular phone holder.


    Hardworking Dependability

    Dependability is important to
    all buyers, but especially to commercial customers. If their truck
    isn’t working, neither are they. The E-Series delivers high-mileage
    durability with features such as the coil-on-plug ignition system on
    Triton™ engines that replaces traditional spark plug wires.
    And the 100,000-mile scheduled tune-up interval (under normal
    driving conditions with regular fluid and filter changes) means less
    downtime. The fail-safe cooling system helps protect gasoline
    engines from potential damage due to loss of coolant. This often
    allows the driver to travel a short distance to obtain service if
    the engine overheats. Distance traveled depends on vehicle load,
    road conditions, and outside temperature. A heavy-duty battery
    provides extra power for heavy-duty applications.

    Commercial buyers also will appreciate the 3-year/36,000-mile
    bumper-to-bumper limited warranty coverage with no deductible, as
    well as the 5-year/unlimited mileage Corrosion Perforation coverage.

    When service is needed it can be accomplished quickly, thanks to
    the out-front engine design on E-Series that allows quick access to
    the engine with convenient-to-reach checks and refills.

    The ladder-type frame on E-Series permits the direct mounting of
    an aftermarket weight-distributing hitch on vans and wagons, and the
    double-wall cargo area helps protect the outer layer of sheet metal
    from dents caused by shifting cargo.

    The E-Series is manufactured in Lorain, Ohio.