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Fuel problem????

Old 04-05-2011, 11:25 PM
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Fuel problem????

I have a 03 EX w/a7.3 on sat comeing back from the shore it started loseing power injectors got real noisey and progressivly got worse.When I got off the highway and slowed down was able to nurse home .1st thing I changed fuel filter was pretty bad then oil. The next day I drove it and got on it and with in 1 1/2 miles it started dieing again pulled over it stalled out and before it stalled you could hear the injectors were real noisey let it sit a min it started right back up.I duplicated the problem on the way back to my house and when it stalled I killed the key to kill the fuel pump and opened the petcock on the filter bowl and only a small amount of fuel came out a 2year old could prob pee more that came out then about 40 sec later more came out. Got it back to my house and opened the petcock again while running and after a few sec the truck shut off.The pump under the truck is 6 months old and I replaced the ipr back then cause it thru a ipr code. A stealership mech did the work on the side and supp. put a new pickup in said it was clogged now I wondering if he just cleaned the pickup out and put the old one back in the only code I got tonight was a p1247 hopeing it's from fuel prob. If I take it easy and drive the speed limit on local rds.30/35 It drives okay any idea's I'm leaning to the pick up being the problem since it dont matter if it's hot or cold. and no other codes . And if you let it sit a couple mins it starts right back up and the injectors quiet right back down .????????? still learning was always a gasser thanks for any input.
Old 04-06-2011, 07:02 AM
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Your problems sounds just like the one I just fixed. I see one possible scenario as I was in the exact same scenario a year ago. He we go, Truck was surgeing, started slowly and got worse until a shut down. Went to the shop they dropped the tank and the boot was broken off and in pieces. They put a new boot on and she ran good for a while but the slow death started creeping up again until last week, shut down.

Some guys on here suggested getting rid of the boot and the mixing chanber and using a 3/8 extension for the pick up tube and a 5/16 extension for the fuel return. I had the shop do the mods and we added a Detroit Diesel primary filter head twix the tank and the pump. She fired right up and runs like a spotted monkey again. Here is a pic of one of the tubes from the mixing chamber. This is like putting a .10 cent o-ring on a critical part of the shuttle. Why in the $%^& would Ford put such a fine mesh screen, INSIDE THE TANK????
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