Ford Super Duty Revival Doesn’t Require a Priest

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Super Duty

Picking an old Super Duty from a field leads to more than a few prayers (and curses) for one FTE member.

More often than not, bringing an old pickup truck back to life requires more than just skill, time, and money. It takes a few Hail Marys and more than your fair share of prayers. This is especially true when you’re dealing with a newer pickup with electronic or computer issues. But that won’t stop Ford Truck Enthusiasts member Azryael from saving a Super Duty from the field.

“A buddy of mine has what I believe to be an ’07 (didn’t get a chance to really confirm) F-350 dually, with a 6.0 and ZF6. Truck has been sitting for about a year and a half or so due to FICM issues. A new one is on order but I’m wondering what else could be amiss.”

From the sounds of things, this poor Super Duty has led one seriously rough life.

“Interior is in seriously rough shape; someone who was tasked with working on it tore the interior to shreds attempting to fit an F150 King Ranch interior. One battery is missing, and the other seems to have just exploded, as it’s hollow, though there’s no evidence of battery acid having been splashed EVERYWHERE. Sustained some damage from the hail we had last year, so windshield is toast, and the front panels and the roof took a few good hits.”

Super Duty

Regardless of this abuse, there are reasons to be optimistic.

“Motor work has been done to address the head issues, and it’s deleted as far as I could tell. Turbo looks to be in great shape, with the compressor wheel having no play and looking damn near brand new.”

So with the help of his fellow FTE members, the OP sets out to help resurrect his buddy’s Super Duty. It starts with a coolant flush, and soon a new FICM arrives. But once the truck shows up at the OP’s shop, more problems surface.

“I’ve started tearing into it. Looks like there’s more missing than I thought. Something is missing from the passenger side head. And there seems to be another module missing that’s supposed to sit on the driver’s side fender. I can also see from this angle that the thermostat housing is missing, and I don’t see it in the truck.”

Super Duty

Undaunted by this hack job, the OP carries on with the disassembly. But as he does so, he just keeps finding more and more missing stuff. So at this point, he’s ordering parts just as fast as he’s tearing the old Super Duty apart. And this fascinating F-350 revival is just getting started. So be sure and head over here and follow along as the old girl comes back together!

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