Custom 2001 Ford Excursion is a Super Duty Limo

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Blacked-out Excursion can’t carry much cargo, but it’s ready to transport four lucky rear passengers in comfort and luxury.

Given its enormous dimensions, the Ford Excursion is a sort of catch-all vehicle, meaning it can basically catch all sorts of cargo inside of its cavernous interior. It’s based on the F-250 of its time, so it has no problem transporting heavy loads when all of its rear seats are down. When they’re up, the Excursion can haul an entire large family and plenty of gear. The 2001 Excursion in this video may give up some of its inner space, but it makes up for it with looks and luxury.

Whoever converted this rig into its present state was obviously going for the “VIP” vehicle look. The exterior is murdered out and sports black paint, bumpers, wheels, and grille. Even the headlights have been darkened to make this Excursion appear even more serious. There are tow mirrors and a rear trailer hitch, but we can’t imagine this Excursion has hauled much more than well-heeled executives and vacationers with deep pockets around large cities. 2001 Ford Excursion Conversion

With the exception of an aftermarket head unit, control add-ons, and a partition behind the two bucket seats, the front row is pretty much standard Excursion. That’s not the area these kinds of vehicles are meant to focus on, anyway. It’s all about what’s going on behind the driver.

The back of this Excursion is the main attraction. The first row of black leather seats faces rearward. In between its two thrones sits what’s more than likely a cabinet for liquor, champagne flutes, and wine glasses. Those riding in the reclining second row have privacy curtains, reading lights, access to controls for the sound system and other functions, and acres of wood trim around them. Although a massive flat screen is not shown in the footage, the black box on top of the Excursion’s roof serves as the GPS and TV signal receiver. Like every Ford truck, this Excursion is ready for hard work – as long as that hard work involves going to, leaving, or hosting a party.

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