F-350 Goes Crazy in the Burnout Competition: Tire Smokin’ Tuesday

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F-350 pickups are built to work, but this one-ton truck roasts the tires for a solid thirty seconds.

This week’s “Tire Smokin’ Tuesday” video comes to us from the CarWarz YouTube channel and it features a Ford F-350 participating in the burnout competition at the Rod Benders Street Association’s 2018 Night of Thunder. We don’t know how this truck placed in the competition, but it put on one hell of a show.

One-Ton Ford in Action

We don’t have any details on this Ford truck, but we can see from the badging that it is an F-350, we can tell from the look of the truck that it is from the ninth generation of the F-Series and we can tell from the sound that it is packing V8 power running on gasoline. The ninth generation ran from 1992 through 1997 and during that era, the F-350 was offered with a few different gas V8s during that time, including a 5.0, a 5.8 and a 7.5-liter big block. The big block was, of course, the most powerful of those three, offering 245 horsepower and 410 lb-ft of torque, but this truck could be motivated by any of those engines.

9th Gen Ford F-350

What we do know is that whichever engine is tucked under the hood sounds great and it has more than enough power to roast the big rear tires for 30 seconds straight.

The Smoke Show

The video begins with the Ford F-350 tucked safely inside of the concrete-lined burnout box. When the driver gets the signal to start, he cranks into the throttle and the rear tires quickly begin to spin and smoke. Within a few seconds, smoke pours from the rear tires and a short time later, the cloud is thick enough to block out everything behind the truck.

As the burnout continues amidst the roar of the healthy V8, the cameraman zooms out to show the huge cloud spreading across the landscape and after 30 seconds, the driver gets the cue to stop and the fun comes to an end.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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