Aussie Ford Ranger Hints at What’s Ahead for U.S.

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Ford Ranger

Ford’s Aussie Engineers are Working on Next Gen Ranger. So, It’s Time to Learn a Bit More About This Tough Pickup

This week’s “Throwback Thursday” segment features a promotional video from Ford of Australia, where the company is showing off the towing abilities of the Ford Ranger. This particular Ranger model isn’t offered in the U.S. and it never has been. Australians have long had their own midsized Ford pickup due to an absence of the F Series Down Under. However, with rumors that Ford’s Aussie engineers are working on the next generation Ranger, which is scheduled to be built and sold here in America, it seems fitting for us all to learn a bit about this tough midsized pickup.


The current generation Ford Ranger in Australia is offered with two diesel engine options, and while the growth of small diesel popularity in the U.S. could lead the Blue Oval to offer one of these small, powerful and efficient oil-burners Stateside, there is no guarantee that Americans will get either of the Aussie diesel powerplants. We will hopefully get at least one of them here, but engine aside, this video shows just how much work the midsized Ranger can really do.

The video begins by explaining the test. This Ford Ranger is helping out at a quarry, carrying loads of rock from the bottom to the top, 1 ton at a time. Now, just pulling 2,000 pounds of stone up a loosely-footed hill is an impressive task for a midsized pickup. But Ford wanted to make the job even harder, so rather than a wheeled trailer full of stone, the Ranger is pulling a sled with 1 ton of rock. This increases the coefficient of drag, effectively increasing the work load on the Ranger and making the job harder.

Ford Ranger

On top of that, after the Ranger pulls a few tons of stone up the hill, it starts to rain. This makes the footing even worse, but with the traction control system and the high-strength chassis of this smaller Ford truck, the Aussie Ranger shines.

The new Ford Ranger that we get in America in a few years might not look anything like the current Australian Ranger. However, this video shows that the engineers Down Under know how to build a tough midsized truck.

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