2017 F-350 vs. 2016 F-450: Ultimate Dually Showdown

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People Need Big Horsepower, Big Torque and Big Attitude. Super Duty Dually Trucks are the Answer

Welcome to the ultimate Ford dually showdown. We’re taking a look at two excellent Ford trucks with excellent reputations. But, which one’s the best option, and why? Let’s find out courtesy of a great new video from the expert truck enthusiasts and Youtubers over at Big Truck, Big RV.

It goes without saying that both the 2017 Ford F-350 and the 2016 F-450 are seriously capable, heavy-duty machines. With stump-pulling torque and reliability that’s difficult to match, either is an excellent choice. If you make a living towing heavy things across great distances, or surviving brutal environments, these are your money makers. There isn’t a need to look elsewhere.

With the introduction of the all-new 2017 Super Duty, Ford has truly cranked things up several notches. Everything has been improved over the previous generation, from power to towing capacity to comfort and convenience.

When you look at these two dually trucks side-by-side, you’ll notice a rather large difference in ride height. Ford designed the new truck to sit about three inches higher than the outgoing model. In addition, there’s more leg room in the rear. Despite narrower dimensions overall, interior width remains identical in 2017.

This new video released by Big Truck, Big RV points out a few other interesting tidbits as well. The lack of painted suspension parts prior to the 2017 model year was always puzzling. The featured Ford F-450 has the optional wide-track front axle, which is said to significantly reduce turning radius. This is also an option on the new model, but the featured truck is not equipped with it.

All-in-all, BTBR’s test goes a lot deeper than the usual test drive. It’s a nice in-depth comparison of specs and equipment that aren’t usually mentioned in magazine comparisons. Furthermore, these are the things serious truck buyers want to know.

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