Three-Pedal F-350: You Need This Clean Truck

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1995 Ford F-350 Manual

What more could you need from life? This clean beast has four doors, clean interior, a V8, and a stick shift.

We don’t think this truck will be listed on Las Vegas CraigsList very long because there’s so much to like about it. A clean F-350 crew cab is hard to come by at all, let alone one with a five-speed manual transmission.

Yes, the buyer of this two-tone F-350 will have the choose-your-own-adventure shifting option. That means big fun and better efficiency in a badass 1-ton pickup.

1995 Ford F-350 Manual

This truck sports the original 5.8-liter Windsor V8 and comes with useful bits like the tow package and bedliner. The blue interior looks to be in great shape and the heat and air conditioning both work just fine.

The seller claims this is a one-owner truck and we can certainly believe that. This looks like a truck that was meticulously maintained. Even the engine looks clean under the hood, let alone the upholstery.

1995 Ford F-350 Manual

More than anything, this truck makes us long for a manual option on the current F-150. Sure, a modern automatic finds the right gear quicker and improves fuel efficiency. However, a working truck just feels like it needs a manual transmission.

We’d love for the F-150 to come with a manual gearbox, but we suspect the days of stick-shift pickups has passed in the United States. That said, we can hold out hope that the new base-model Ranger will sport a clutch pedal when it becomes available in 2019.

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