Revamped 1993 Ford Lightning Will Make You Drool

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This isn’t just the cleanest, but also the hottest Ford freaking Lightning in the United States. Too bad it isn’t for sale!

The legacy of Ford Lightning is bound to die in a handful of years. As time goes by, only the folks who were there when the sleek sports truck roamed the streets will remember it, and future generations will only know it from photos and YouTube videos.

With no direct predecessor in the product pipeline it’s just a matter of time until the inevitable happens. Thankfully, there are a few folks who will lead the charge in maintaining the Lightning’s legacy, and Sergio Zamudio is certainly one of them.

This video filmed in the Lone Star State was recently uploaded to YouTube by Salinas Photographyand it gets you as close as possible to Zamudio’s truck without actually being there in person. The swanky beat featured in the video compliments the truck perfectly, and so do the slow panning shots across the truck’s grille, shaved fenders, and exquisite paint job.


Speaking of exquisite, this 1993 Lightning isn’t all about the exterior. A few minutes into the clip the camera ventures into the cab, where custom upholstery has replaced the original seats despite most of the dashboard remaining original and in excellent shape.

Of course, the Lightning’s main attraction is the custom coilover suspension which dropped the “tubbed” body a whole three inches. In addition, the staggered Billet wheels measure 24×15″ in the rear and 24×9″ in the front. Last but not least, the entire package was custom painted in pearlescent B5 Blue by Frank Rios from Forth Worth, Texas.

Admit, you want this thing, badly. We know we do!

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