Best Spray-On Bedliner: Rhino or Line-X?

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Spray-On Bedliner

Before you head to the shop for a new spray-on bedliner, read the opinions of fellow FTE forum members who already have them!

In the old days, choosing truck bed protection was easy. Just head on down to your local dealership or parts store and pick out a plastic bedliner. Or maybe throw a piece of carpet down and cut it to fit. But times have obviously changed, and the spray-on bedliner has emerged as a popular option. The newfangled spray-on bedliner applications are essentially akin to painting a protective layer over your truck’s bed.

When done right, a spray-on job looks pretty darn good. And unlike a drop-in bedliner, also keeps your stuff from sliding around the bed. But they’re also more expensive and require careful prep. So, if you’re going to drop your hard earned cash on the job, you want to make the right choice up front. It’s not like you can just pop the thing out and resell it like a drop-in bedliner.

Spray-On Bedliner

Among the many spray-on bedliner options on the market, two of the most popular today are Rhino and Line-X. Choosing the right one might seem like a crap shoot, but that’s what the FTE forums are for, of course. So a member by the name of Tact headed there to find out which one actual owners prefer.

“I just bought a 2017 F-250 Lariat and I need to install a gooseneck hitch and bed liner. I’m going with a B&W hitch, but I cannot seem to decide on Rhino or Line-X.

I like them both, but I’ve heard Line-X is more durable and harder. Rhino because it offers a softer feel and things would not have a tendency to slide all over the bed. I hated that with my previous liner when I had my 2003 F-250.

So who likes which one, and for what reasons over the other? I know I can get a Rhino installed for less than Line-X. Both have a lifetime warranty.”

Spray-On Bedliner

Right off the bat, it seems like most folks prefer Line-X, in spite of the extra cost.

“I prefer Line-X for the reasons you mentioned,” says Rugby Ref. “I find that when I have stuff in the bed of the truck it doesn’t slide around much. My guess is probably due to the non-skid material they put in the mix. I had Rhino in my last truck and it cracked in three places. Of course the warranty covered it, but thought I would try Line-X this time around.”

And yet, others like Rhino for is softer feel and sound deadening properties.

“I have the Rhino in my 2012, Line-X in the trucks at work,” says Tom N OH. “My 2017 will be getting Rhino. Never had an issue on the ‘12. Softer on the hands & knees if you have to crawl on it. Things don’t slide around, and it deadens the noise better. I had the guy spray the inside of the wheel wells on the ‘12 too. Keeps down the noise when rocks come out of the tires. I’ll be doing that on the ‘17 also.”

Spray-On Bedliner

Others don’t seem to find much of a difference between the two, despite their alleged qualities.

“From what I’ve seen in threads elsewhere, they’re about equal to each other as far as durability and fade resistance,” says Sparky83. “The only difference I’ve seen seems to be in the price itself. If it’s not prepped properly, you’ll have problems with either of them.”

Ultimately, it seems like finding a reputable and capable installer is key. No matter which brand you choose to go with.

“Prep is everything with a lining,” says JeepPuller. “I’ve had Rhino inside my Jeep for going on 12 years now. No issues with it at all. It does see a different kind of abuse/use, but it has held up nicely. I have always used Line-X in my truck beds. Just like it better for the truck bed. I did gouge the Line-X in my 2009 F-150 once while loading a yard implement in the bed, but that was the only time I ever had an issue. My vote is Line-X, but find a shop with a good rep for prep work.”

Spray-On Bedliner

So if you want a soft liner that’ll be easy on your knees at a cheaper price, it seems like Rhino is the best choice. Then again, Line-X seems to stand up better to abuse and keeps your stuff (and you) from sliding around everywhere. But no matter which way you go, be sure and find a reputable shop to do the job!

Want to add your spray-on bedliner opinion to the mix, and/or see more tips from others? Head over here and check out the entire thread!

Brett Foote is a longtime contributor to Internet Brands’ Auto sites, including Chevrolet Forum, Rennlist, and Ford Truck Enthusiasts, among other sites.

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