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A Ford Ranger beats the tar out of an old square body Chevy in an 8th mile drag race.

In most cases, a drag race between a square body Chevy pickup and a late model American Ford Ranger will result in the V8-powered Silverado beating up on the little V6 Ford. However, the Ranger in the video above is far from your average V6 pickup, allowing it to stomp the big Chevy in an 8th mile drag race.

Ranger beating a Chevy

There are no details included with this video, but in looking around the dwaynesurratt YouTube channel, all of the vital information is available. This Ford Ranger is powered by a 5.0L Ford V8 which has been bored and stroked to 347 cubic inches and topped with Dart Pro 1 cylinder heads. That power is set to the 4:30 rear gear set by a Ford C4 automatic transmission while a set of drag racing slicks help put the power to the ground.

Ranger Stomps Chevy

The video above was captured at the 2016 Texas Truck Shootout and it shows the stroked Ford taking on an old square body Chevy. There are no details available on the Chevrolet truck, but base on how slowly it gets down track, it is safe to say that this Silverado isn’t equipped to race a truck like this white Ranger.

When the green lights drop, the compact Ford truck rips away from the starting line, quickly building a huge lead over the Chevy. The Ranger doesn’t blow the doors off of the Chevy, but we can see a wheel ring come off the slower pickup as the two trucks leave the starting line. As they head down track, the Ford pickup continues to pull away, beating the Chevy by a massive amount in the 8th mile race.

On the top end, the Ranger runs a 7.18 at 95 miles per hour, meaning that this small Ford pickup likely runs the quarter mile in the 11-second range.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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