There’s More than Just Blue Oval Power in the Henry Ford Museum

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At a place with a name like “the Henry Ford Museum,” you’d think you’d only see 289s, Clevelands, and 429s. Sure, Blue Oval power plants are there, but they have roommates from other brands.


The Truth About Cars recently went to the Dearborn venue to see all of the multi-brand metal on display in its Engines Exposed exhibit. There, vehicles from Honda, Buick, Tucker, and even Bugatti have their hoods up to show off their their old-school cubic inches. Until March 15, you can see “an early 260 cubic inch version of what became the 289 and 302 Ford ‘Windsor’ engine,” the jet engine from the Chrysler Turbine Car, a Duesenberg DOHC straight eight, and many other engines – more than 40 in total – in person.

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via [The Truth About Cars]

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