Kahn Flying Huntsman: Now Powered by Ford

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The humble Coyote motor. It’s not as popular as Chevy’s LS series of engines, and receiving less and less press due to the prevalence of the new EcoBoost lineup from Ford.

That said, the Coyote is one of the best small V8 platforms money can buy. And due to that fact, Kahn Design will now offer their latest creation, a 6×6 Land Rover Defender with a Coyote.

Set to begin production this year, Kahn Design took a bog standard Range Rover Defender and gave it the treatment it always deserved.

By beefing up the chassis, adding another axle, and sprucing up the interior, Kahn has taken this farm truck to near G-Class levels of exclusivity and comfort. However, the grunt behind all this luxury comes directly from Ford.


According to the company, Kahn has taken a normal, naturally aspirated Coyote motor and beefed it up to well over 600 horsepower. Because when you have six wheels and a couple tons to lug around, you’re definitely going to need some grunt.

No word on how much it’s going to cost, but figure well in the six figure range. Oh, and you can get one with armored plating.


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