Steadfast Manufacturing is How Custom Shops Should Operate

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While we may feature quite a lot of custom hotrods, we rarely feature the shops that actually build these amazing creations.

It’s sad to say, we’ve been negligent in our duty to not only show you the one of a kind works of art these shops create, but to also highlight the men and women that put their hearts and souls into building these wonderful cars. That is about to change.


Steadfast Manufacturing is one shop that according to the Richland Source, has “a reputation for quality custom hot rod fabrication and design that just keeps growing.” Honestly though, by the work that they’ve done, it’s easy to see why that statement is completely true.


Run by Henry and Ellis Richards, and Kenny Gibson, the three make it their mission to put all their blood, sweat, and tears into each car they build.


And due to that level of craftsmanship, the shop has become world renown for their work. So much so, that they are completely booked for the next few years.


According to the trio, on average, it takes two years to design, fabricate and build each car. Oh yeah, and at the very least, $150,000.

So check out their site here, and see all the beautiful custom work they’ve done. They deserve all the praise we can give them.

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