Ford Debuts Four Custom Explorers for SEMA

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While many would think that Ford would be all over the new Focus RS, Fiesta ST, Focus ST, Mustang EcoBoost and GT, and the GT350 twins for SEMA, it seems that the Blue Oval is more concerned with the Ford Edge Sport and the Explorer. Ford is not only bringing three different Ford Edge Sports to SEMA, but also four different Explorers.

According to the company, the first of the Explorers is called the All Star Performance Explorer Sport, and it was designed and built to “be the ultimate road trip vehicle no matter the destination.” It’s off-road capabilities have been greatly exaggerated, including a lift kit, new lighting, new tires, and a roof rack. And what would a SEMA vehicle be without a banging stereo system?


The second is from Cars by Kris, and is more of a sporty version of the Explorer. Imagine an Explorer as the Range Rover SVR and you’ve got an idea what the thought pattern was behind this car. It has carbon fiber fender flares, a new roof mounted ski box, and a bunch of cool new lighting.


The third Explorer was designed by MAD Industries and according to the release, “adopts a luxury urban lifestyle. It essentially looks exactly like a new Range Rover, but with Niche Forged Alpine 24-inch rims and an interior done up by Roadwire leather. It’s the club rats Explorer.


Last but not least is an Explorer done up to look like a racecar. It has mad exhaust outlets, has been lowered, and features a very unique paint scheme and billet racing wheels with red line tires. It’s definitely interesting.


What do you all think of these Explorers? Has Ford lost its mind?

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