Several Ford Tractors Being Auctioned Off This Weekend

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To the casual observer, when you think “Built Ford Tough” you think of their latest trucks, or cars, or even SUVs. You don’t really think tractors. But for those with long memories you’ll remember a time when Ford made tractors, and now a few of those classic pieces of machinery are going up for auction this weekend.

Back when these tractors were being produced en masse, someone other than Henry Ford was squatting on the name Ford. So the original Ford tractors were called Fordson. He stopped making tractors for awhile, then re-entered the market with the N-Series tractors.

What’s interesting is that during the downtime, the folks in Dearborn experimented with different ways of powering a tractor, including a V8 powered one. Imagine a Coyote-powered sport tractor today!

But I digress. Check out these pictures of some of the tractors going up for auction, and check out the televised coverage this weekend.

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