Rangers Kills One Tire at a Time: Tire Smokin’ Tuesday

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Watch this Ford Ranger owner finish off an old tire with a couple of massive burnouts.

This week’s Tire Smokin Tuesday comes to us from the YouTube channel of Saul Jordan and it features a Ford Ranger doing a couple of big burnouts. The title is “Massive burnout ford ranger” and in many cases, YouTube video titles are good for exaggerating the quality of a burnout, but this one makes good on the promise. Granted, the details start by stating that this Ranger has a 331 stroker – which is clearly untrue based on the sound of the truck – but the details go on to point out that it actually has a 2.3L 4-cylinder.

One-Wheel Wonder

Shortly after the video begins, the blue Ford Ranger begins to smoke the right rear tire. It only takes a few seconds for smoke to pour from the single-tire-fire and in less than 20 seconds, the cloud is thick enough to swallow up the truck. The person behind the camera struggles to find the Ranger in all of the smoke, but the endless whine of the 2.3L-engine and the continuously growing cloud is proof that the burnout continues.

Ranger Massive Burnout

After nearly a minute, the smoke becomes thin enough that we can see the Ranger disappear over a hill way off in the distance. The truck turns around and makes its return while spinning the tire, kicking the end back and forth in the process, but there is hardly any smoke during this part of the video. However, it gets better before the end of the video.

Into the Garage

After the Ranger returns from the lackluster return burnout, the driver heads up the driveway and into the garage. When the woman behind the camera catches up to him and asks what he has to say for himself, he responds with a gigantic burnout in the garage. After spending a minute filling the garage with smoke, “Dan” pulls out into the driveway and we get a close look at the remains of the tire.

The video ends with footage of the dog running around, followed by the same burnout clips repeated, so really, the action ends around the four-minute mark. Fortunately, those first four minutes offer some solid 4-cylinder burnout action.

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