Aussie Ford Ranger Battles a Cyclops, Poseidon: Throwback Thursday

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This 2006 Ford Ranger commercial from Australia features the mid-sized pickup battling a cyclops and the Greek God of the Sea.

The 2006 Ford Ranger sold in Australia was a completely different vehicle from the truck sold in the USA. The American Ranger was its own truck while the Aussie pickup was based on the Mazda BT-50. The Australian version was a bit bigger than its American namesake and, as this commercial from the YouTube account of conor macdonald shows, the mid-sized pickup down under was a bit tougher.

So tough, in fact, that the 2006 Ford Ranger from Australia was able to take on some very powerful competitors.

Ranger Goes to Battle

There is no background on this 2006 Ford Ranger commercial, so we don’t know why the cyclops, the army of centaur archers, and the Greek God of the Sea are doing battle with the mid-sized pickup, but the driver appears to be in quite the pickle. The commercial begins with the Mazda-based Ford pickup swerving around boulders being thrown down by a cyclops. At some point, the truck catches one of the boulders and speeds away.

2006 Ford Ranger from Australia

Next, an army of centaur archers attack the Ford pickup, but the driver is able to lasso the whole lot of them, loading them onto a large trailer to end this fight.

Finally, the Ranger is pulling a boat when Poseidon pops out of the ocean and attacks. The Greek God of the Sea first hits the truck with a wave of water, and when that doesn’t work, fish begin jumping out of the water to do his bidding. When all else fails, the mythological character throws his massive trident at the speeding pickup, but the driver is able to outrun the three pointed spear.

When the Ford Ranger returns to the US market, we can expect that it will be as tough as the 2006 Mazda-based trucks, but we aren’t likely to get great Claymation commercials like this one.

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