Rachel Shroyer Drives–and Builds–Some Awesome Ford Trucks

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Shroyer with Her F-350

In addition to being an avid off-roader & owner of a wicked F-350, this Ford fan also works for a company that sells a Raptor-inspired F-250R.

There aren’t many Ford truck-owning, off-road-loving girls on Instagram that have an account as interesting as that of Rachel Shroyer. Shroyer works for MegaRexx, a company in Tucson, Arizona, that builds the F-250R. This is a modern Super Duty that is modified with inspiration from the F-150 Raptor in order to create a badass off-roading ¾-ton pickup. Not surprisingly, Shroyer also drives a wicked Ford truck – a diesel-powered F-350 that she calls the Magic Spool Bus.

Unlike many “truck girls” who post tons of pictures of themselves and the occasional truck shot, Shroyer’s account is all about her passion for the automotive industry, chock-full of her past and present vehicles along with her current project with MegaRexx.

Shroyer F-350 Side

Personal Vehicles

Shroyer’s current ride is the high-riding, customized Ford F-350 shown here, painted bright school bus yellow. It is powered by a worked 6.0-liter PowerStroke diesel engine, so when combined with the exterior color, the name “Magic Spool Bus” makes perfect sense.

Shroyer F-150 Raptor

Before getting the eye-catching F-350, Shroyer had an F-150 Raptor and before that, she had a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat that was fitted with off-road tires and regularly used for playing on the trails. However, with trucks making more sense for a hardcore off-roader, she moved onto the Raptor and then later, the diesel F-350.

Shroyer F-350 Rear


In addition to being an avid off-roader and the owner of a wicked F-350, Shroyer also works in the automotive industry. She previously ran her own custom off-road shop, but recently, she has taken a job with MegaRexx. This Arizona-based company builds the F-250R package, which adds a sort of extreme version of the F-150 Raptor styling and performance to the Ford F-250. This allows Super Duty owners to enjoy Raptor-like capabilities and appearance with big diesel power and performance.

MegaRexx F-250R

Click here to visit Shroyer’s Instagram account for more looks at her F-350 Magic Spool Bus and the monstrous F-250 pickups that she helps bring to market.

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